Submersible Electric Pumps Monocanal MC

Submersible Electric Pumps Monocanal MC
Submersible Electric Pumps to untreated wastewater.
The electric pumps "Monocanal" are particularly suitable for treatment
of wastewater, industrial process water and raw sewage does not treated
in municipal applications, public and industrial. The single-channel
impeller permits passage of solids in the pump MC50 up to 50mm
and at the pump MC65 up to 65mm, reducing the risk of clogging.
Ideal for installation with guide rail.

The range "Monocanal" is divided into:
MC50.220 Suction: DN50 Discharge: DN65 Max Capacity:   58m3/h
MC65.300 Suction: DN65 Discharge: DN65 Max Capacity:   60m3/h


  • External body of cast iron;
  • Impeller in cast iron;
  • Shaft in stainless steel (AISI 416);


  • Externally cooled by the pumped liquid;
  • Isolated dielectrical motor in oil bath;
  • Mechanical seal (SIC/SIC DIN24960);
  • Protection IP58;
  • Power cord with 20m or other length on request;
  • Tension standard;
  • Class F insulation.


  • Max. temperature of water: 35ºC;
  • Max. depth of immersion 10m
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