Electric Pumps CMH

Electric Pumps CMH
Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Electric Pumps
Suitable for domestic and industrial use, for autoclav groups, auto-washing, etc.

The range "CMH" is divided into:
"CMH 10" - 1" Total Head: 69m Max Capacity:   3,6m3/h
"CMH 20" - 1" Total Head: 91m Max Capacity:   5,9m3/h
"CMH 30" - 1 1/4" Total Head: 81m Max Capacity:   11m3/h
"CMH 40" - 1 1/2" Total Head: 57m Max Capacity:   22m3/h


  • Pump body and pusher in cast iron;
  • Exterior shell in stainless steel (AISI304);
  • Impeller in stainless steel (AISI 304);
  • Shaft in stainless steel (AISI 416);
  • Diffusor in noryl with fiber-glass.


  • Externally ventilated;
  • Mechanical seal
    (aluminium axide-carbon-graphite);
  • Mechanical seal (SIC/SIC DIN24960) on request;
  • Protection IP44;
  • Class F insulation.
  • Tension standard.


  • Max. temperature of water: 35ºC;
  • Max. starts/hour: 30.
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